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Welcome To Live. LOVE. Be Well.

Leslie Flower


Thank you for making the ‘click’ to three of my favorite things…purpose, passion and persistence. The slightly blurred picture is not a mistake. It’s on PURPOSE, like some of the mishaps in our lives. Because life gets a blurry and our surroundings become imbalanced, we take courage in knowing we can still smile and ‘grow’ through it all.

I am Leslie J. Griffin, your TOTAL APPROACH Life Coach. If you think where you are right now is all there is, think again.  If you’ve told yourself that where you’ve been is your final destination, think again. I’ve got three words for you.  There. Is. More.

I receive unlimited joy through engaging and empowering individuals and couples to harness their authentic selves and live enriched lives that attract health, wealth, soul harmony, meaningful connections, peace, love and abundance. That’s the total approach to living well. Life is a continuous culmination of our experiences, our choices, our dreams, our mistakes and our pursuits of becoming better.

My soul awakens for beauty, books, vibrant colors, running, cooking, sunrises and sunsets, photography and love…a journey that has been alive for more than 13,000 days. Through ups and downs, the all arounds, through the ins and outs, the faith and doubts, I’ve learned that I am my greatest opportunity and that my outcomes are a direct reflection of my thoughts.

It’s time to switch your residence from existing to living. To passionate living. The past is no longer your place of dwelling.  It was a place of learning. It’s graduation day! There is a journey for each of us to travel.  Let’s take it together. Make the next click to find out ‘what Life Coaching is’ and how it can transform your life. Live. LOVE. Be Well.


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By Certified Life Coach Leslie J. Griffin ©2014

In a perfect world, we all want to achieve balance. Our lives can resemble our bank accounts. Sometimes we make deposits and it meets our obligations. Then there are times when we or we allow others to withdraw more than what’s been deposited and we become imbalanced.  We find ourselves in the negative and just like any financial institution, there’s always a fee. 

Our human fee for being in the negative is stress, hurt, anger, unresolved issues, emotional instability, unaddressed trauma, mood shifts, irritability, fear, envy, abuse, workaholism, obesity, disease, depression, behavioral issues and other debilitating side effects.  Becoming balanced can be difficult for some to master but it does not have to be.  Here are five steps to take and promote healthy balance in your life so you get the most out of what matters to you.

Self awareness:
You’ll never be aware of what’s going on AROUND you until you are aware of what’s going on WITH and INSIDE you.  Taking a break from the course of hectic life is a good thing, even if it’s for a few days.  Allow time to center yourself and thoughts.  Allow time and space to hear yourself breathe. Recharge.  Get in touch with your feelings and where you are. Live in each present moment.


Saying no:
The art of saying no should be a registered course in all schools and colleges.  It should taken and mastered by all.  It’s two simple letters but can mean all the difference between a ‘breakdown’ and a ‘breakthrough’.  You will never please everyone, so stop trying.  It’s not healthy to over tax yourself. In saying no to others you are saying yes to you.  Know your limits and yes you have them.  Know when you’re at capacity. Know your triggers and stop overriding how you really feel. There’s no need to schedule every minute of your life away. You can’t enjoy the rewards of your purpose when you’re stressed and exhausted. You don’t have to be superman or superwoman. 


Find a quiet spot. Relax. Breathe. Close your eyes.  Tune into God and ask Him for guidance. Turn all electronic devices off. This is your personal time to reconnect and refocus. Make this a standing ritual.


Limiting human traffic:
I’ll say it again.  “Your life is a very special EVENT and everyone does not get an INVITATION to it.” ©2014  Everyone does not receive the benefit of being in your presence. You’ll find that some people just want to tag along for the ride, but will never offer anything on the trip. Their sole mission is to drain and bleed you dry. They want to be AROUND you, but have no intention on being THERE for you.  They are not ASSIGNED to you, they are just ATTACHED to you.  Know the difference and your life will go up by leaps and bounds.


Choosing happiness:
“Happiness is a lifestyle like exercising and healthy eating.  It is not a one-time event.” ©2014  Choose happiness like you choose your favorite dress or suit.  Be intentional about it. When you’re out shopping for that perfect outfit, you have a list of stores to visit.  You know your size and sometimes you call ahead to have the associate pull a few items. You’re focused.  You know the goal. Treat your happiness and emotional, spiritual and physical health the same way.  Be intentional. Stay focused. Go to the places and Source that you know replenishes what you need to continue living YOUR BEST LIFE.


Leslie J. Griffin is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, entertainment journalist and owner of YOUR BEST LIFE WITH COACH LES. Connect with her at or on Twitter @igetitwrite.


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Five More Things We Must Stop Doing Now


By Life Coach Leslie J. Griffin ©2014

And so it is…the continuance of things that are killing our purpose.  Let’s take a look.

Living in the past:
It’s very simple.  Living in the past keeps you right there – in the past. I struggle to figure out how we can live in something that no longer exists, yet so many accomplish it every single day.  If you are sharing all of your hurts and disappointments every opportunity you get, then you are stuck in the past.  Stop being mobilized to remain immobile. Stop being empowered to remain powerless. The past is over. It is gone. Today is passing you by.

Blaming others:
It would have happened but they.  If should have happened but she.  They messed it up for me when they. Enough! Take responsibility for YOU. There is nothing worse than watching someone always blame others for the predicaments they’re in.  How is it that YOU are in certain situations but none of it is ever you?  Never give someone that much power over your life to where your OUTPUT depends on their INPUT.  When you do not take onus for your role in certain situations, you are bound to repeat them. Why?  Because you have not learned one thing. Stop blaming others for the problems that you refuse to acknowledge and deal with. IT IS YOU.  I think I will repeat that.  Stop blaming others for the problems that you refuse to acknowledge and deal with.  IT IS YOU.

I’ll do it tomorrow.  It’s not due yet, so we still have a few days.  I’ll take care of it later.  Well just so you know…tomorrow, a few days or later may never come.  Give yourself permission to live and operate in the moment of NOW.  Procrastination breeds excuses and excuses are the perfect foundation for creating absolutely NOTHING.  If you are good with NOTHING, then carry on.  If you want to get the most out of life, then ACT NOW.  Act wisely.  Have a plan and execute it.

Lack of self love:
When I talk to couples and individuals I often hear four familiar words ‘THEY DIDN’T LOVE ME’ when the truth is – YOU DIDN’T LOVE YOU.  I can tell because of the things they may have gone through and suffered all in the name of love. Abuse, infidelity, lack of communication and the list goes on.  None of these things are love, yet some people find the prettiest reasons and fully dress them up as excuses to stay in something that’s killing them.  God never intended for you to be mistreated and He never intended you to mistreat yourself.  You mistreat and abuse yourself when you don’t love yourself. I’m not talking about shopping sprees, a new car, house or boat.  I’m talking about knowing when to walk away from anything or anyone that’s not helping you become better. I’m talking about speaking positive over your life, surrounding yourself with the right people, eating well, exercising, praying, being positioned to receive love.  No one is going to love what you don’t cherish.

Wasting time:
“Does thou love life, then do not squander time because that’s the stuff life is made of.” –Benjamin Franklin

There’s so much to be said about wasting time.  Time is a precious commodity.   What’s so precious and mysterious about it is that we never know how much we have.  These are the unknowns of life. These are the things that can’t be researched and Googled. This is why it’s inherent to treasure every minute that we’re given.  In everything we do and to everyone we’re connected to, if it’s taking AWAY from you, then it is wasting your time. If it drains your energy, sucks your passion for life like a Hoover vacuum, then it’s wasting your time.  Your time is valuable because YOU ARE TIME.  YOU ARE VALUABLE.

Leslie J. Griffin is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach and entertainment journalist.  Connect with her at and

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Joyful Living


By Leslie J. Griffin ©2014

Companionship is something the human soul longs for, but not everyone is married or romantically connected to someone. And this is okay. This does not have to accompany feelings of shame, abandonment and despair.  Here are five creative ways to liven your environment when it’s just you. Do these things often.

1) Surround yourself in an abundance of peace. 
Light candles and play your favorite music.  Sing and dance along. Open your senses to positivity.

2) Invest in art and beautiful things so you’re always surrounded by beauty. 
Have pictures of family members having fun and place photo albums on the coffee table. Look at them and give some of them a call.  A relationship is not just a romantic thing.  It’s also a family thing.  Relate to your family.

3) Listen to live meditation. 
This will instantly change your atmosphere and center you.  Insert prayer and focus on self connectedness.

4) Invite friends over. 
Why keep the house to yourself?  Show off your cooking skills. Use your favorite china or share your latest bottle of wine or chocolate truffles. Discuss your favorite poem, scripture of book chapter.  Cheerful giving opens heart, expands the spirit and brings you joy.  Incorporate more joy into your days.

5) Post a note.
Keep a note on your bathroom or bedroom mirror with affirmations like HEY YOU, LOOKIN’ GOOD, YOU ROCK or I LOVE YOU.  The greater you feel about yourself, the greater outlook you have on life.  Your interactions with others will be pleasant and more energetic and you’ll become more apt to going out and doing things you enjoy.  Your spirit will be enhanced and positioned for good things and the right people to come your way.

Live. Love. Life. Exceptionally.

Leslie J. Griffin is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, celebrity entertainment journalist and owner of YOUR BEST LIFE WITH COACH LES.  Connect with her at


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When you read this, you may automatically assume this to mean cheating on a spouse or your special friend. But I want to challenge you to insert YOURSELF in this equation.

When you cheat on YOU, by not giving yourself every possible chance, it’s like throwing yourself away. “People may cheat on you. But do NOT ever CHEAT YOURSELF.” -LJG


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 By Leslie J. Griffin ©2014

How many times have we given a person chance after chance after chance?  No matter what happened, we somehow found a reason to accept them back and look past their faults.   Why not turn this same forgiveness toward you? 

When you make you a mistake or even when you willfully miss the mark, GIVE YOURSELF ANOTHER CHANCE.  Do not write YOU off.  Give yourself as many chances that you would give to others and MORE.  Be more generous with you.  You are worth every chance.